Lakes Garage Door Repair Fontana

Lakes Garage Door Repair Fontana

We’ve been replacing and repairing garage doors in Buffalo Garage Door Repair & Install since 1997.
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Our team will provide a rapid diagnosis highlighting the root cause of any issues. After a visual inspection by experienced technicians, we provide honest expert advice and solutions to rectify any problems. We check all mechanical parts including wheel, spring/cable function from a safety viewpoint, as well as ensuring they have the correct tensions, and tracks are secure.

Keeping your garage door in good working order will enhance its lifespan. A garage door serviced regularly, can help it last well into the future, making your original purchase better value for money.

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Our Services

At Lakes Garage Door Repair Fontana we offer a range of practical services in addition to our products. These are designed to support you throughout the installation and lifespan of your garage door and to provide additional items that help you to make the most of your property.

Garage door servicing

At Lakes Garage Door Repair Fontana we carry out garage door servicing in addition to the initial installation. It is important that your garage door is functioning correctly, safely and free of any defects. Homeowners are advised to have their garage doors serviced every six to 18 months depending on the type of door you have and the amount of daily use.

Garage Conversions And Alterations

At Lakes Garage Door Repair Fontana, we provide garage door conversions and alterations, which provide you with the space, height or length (or both), that you need to make the most of your garage. We also do fit out conversions whereby we insulate and dryline the walls and ceiling, and provide specialist flooring and built in cupboards and shelving.

Garage Door Openers

Lakes Garage Door Repair Fontana offers a wide variety of new garage door openers to choose from, including LiftMaster® openers. We offer garage door opener models that you can rely on, and back it up with an excellent warranty. If you’re not sure whether you need a repair or replacement, give us a call and we’ll send a technician your way.

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